Tuesday, April 19, 2005

everyday literacies

I've spent the last couple of days hacking my way through Colin Lankshear and Michelle Knobel's IFTE 2003 keynote paper, (Lankshear, C. & Knobel, M. (2004) 'Planning Pedagogy for i-mode: From flogging to blogging via wi-fi'. English in Australia, No. 139, February, pp. 78-102.)

As the page count shows this is a large paper and not a lunchtime read. It's not heavy in content, just long. In fact content wise it's very interesting and I found it really generative in terms of my own notetaking and thinking (thanks guys!). Perhaps I will post some of my notes and summaries to this blog? Not sure it that will be very interesting - perhaps just some wry observations, but I would need some wry observations first!

There arguments about online rating systems are interesing. As is Colin and Michelle's take on Chris Bigum's work on his 'Knowledge Producing Schools' project.

The lovely Keri Facer has just got a crap load of money for a similar project over at NESTA Furturelab. Keep an eye on that one.

Spent the rest of the day stuffing envelopes for some other researchers mailing out a big survey to just about every school in Victoria (that sounds like a lot doesn't it? can't be right).

Need to get more productive!


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