Thursday, March 31, 2005

Online gamer charged with killing competitor

A 41 year old man from China has stabbed and killed a another man over an incident related to an online game. One fellow lent a 'virtual weapon' to his 'friend' and then the friend sold the weapon to another gamer. First guy didn't like this and stabbed his friend over the money.

Putting aside the fact that someone is DEAD, what is interesting is that these guys were engaged in economic transactions in 'meatspace' for a 'reward' or commodity that exists in this virtual game world. Furthermore, this was such an important/significant 'object' that someone is dead over it.

There is one positive outcome here of course, I'm surprised that newspaper headlines are not proclaiming 'It's only a game!'

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At 7:44 am, Blogger Tulap said...

interesting enough it is just a game but check out ebay and you find out that in-game items/money can be sold for real dollars! Some people make extra money by just playing online games and sell it back to other players that are ready to pay for it. But it is still sad to see a death happening for a couple of hundred dollars at most.

At 8:27 pm, Blogger Lectrice said...

I am *certain* that we could make academic progress as real a reward as the ten pences kids get from selling doughnuts, or the fictionalised time scores they win on a computer game.

Hmmm. Need to think this one through.

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