Monday, April 18, 2005

back to our home under the mountain ...

All day my mind has been with my colleagues. This morning they woke earlier than me, shaking off that downy sleep that only holidays and weekends entertain, prepared themselves (this is a statement that may will never understand) more quickly than I can these days, fought through traffic and young people milling around lockerbays, doorways and on the edges of courtyards, thought through plans and counterplans, perhaps wondered 'why?' a number of times, tuned in to reminders to check for correct socks during morning rollcall/homegroup, smiled at some forlorn looking young man lost in a new school - and all before classes began.

I miss them. I miss being with them and I miss being one of them.

I wonder if they miss me? I know a couple do, and that's enough for anyone.


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