Monday, April 25, 2005

A Hundred Cellphones Bloom, and Chinese Take to the Streets

Interesting article at New York Times (you may need to register to read it). It's always nice to see 'smart mobs' getting around governments and self-oprganising or protest and collective action.

I wonder how this will go in a place like China (or Australia or America?) It's not too difficult to imagine a situation where these kinds of communication devices (mobile phones, blogs, txt, IM etc.) become tools of the state as well as tools for the subversion of state directives. My feeling though is that 'the people' will always be a couple of steps ahead in terms of new 'social practices' for new technologies. Although the conspirator in me says that this is just what the military and other ideological state apparatus' want us to think so that they can continue developing and monitoring our every move!

Anyway ... click on if you're brave enough.



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