Monday, March 07, 2005

things are beginning to settle down

Well things are starting to happen.

I now have a room in the faculty and have set up my computer to work on the both the regular and wireless networks. I am sharing the room, which is fine, but it's not that big anyway. Last week I didn't see my new 'roomie' at all but when I arrived today she had been there and has hung some posters up and looks like she's getting down to her business as well. She has hung a name tag on the door, which includes the name of her project - the Greek Diaspora Project - sounds very interesting. I'm looking forward to meeting her.

Plenty of library time today so I've plenty more leads to chase.

Marcelo arrived today and Ilana and I met with him and tried to ease the disorientation of arriving to study (a PhD) in a new country and institution. He is from Brazil and is lovely. So now I have some competition as 'young lad on faculty'! We will be working closely so I hope things workout between us. He has left his wife and five year old daughter back in Brazil (they will visit in September).

I also had lunch with Rosely. Lovely woman and very genuine.

I must say that it is great having access to the library again. The Journal databases are fantastic. No one really need use a photocopier again - just download the PDF and PRINT (the paperless office of course!)

And so we journey on ...


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