Wednesday, March 02, 2005

enrolled at last

So today I was able to enroll officially as a PhD student. I almost fell over when after about 5 minutes the admin person handed my forms back and calmly said, 'thank you'.

What she ment of course was that she had finished processing and it was all over - the enrollment was done.

So what have I been doing for the last month and a half?

But unfortunately the day didn't say 'up'.

All the university parking permits are sold out. I have been dreading this and had a feeling that it might happen. Apparently they when on sale back in December and sold out 2 weeks ago. I wanted to buy one back in early Jan but was told I'd have to come back with a valid uni ID card. So what happens to people in my situation who through no fault of their own miss out on a parking permit?

Glad you asked ...

Well we don't have to shell out $80 for a permit (probably not bad for a year's parking) and we get to park for free! Mind you the carpark is ONLY about 20 minutes walk away from the main campus precinct. So on those rainy days it's great - yeah I mean I won't have to swim on those days.

Other issues included, no room assigned to me yet and Ilana came back off leave today and so I was evicted from my palatial Professor's office and sentenced to wander the halls looking for a place to lay my boney bum. With luck it should be cleared up tomorrow. Along with my network access and staff email address.

This post is very whingy so I'll end it there and write something more positive.

I mean I feel very humbled to have this fantastic opportunity and very grateful for all the help people have given me so far.

If anyone with a 2005 Monash University Parking Permit is reading ... name your price.


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