Monday, February 21, 2005

it is finished ...

Well at least I think so. This recent chapter has taken me along time, but I think it has been worth it. I can now really concentrate on beginning the PhD and getting some work done for Ilana. Next writing project is a chapter on 'Writing with new technologies in the secondary English classroom'.

Ilana is on leave for a couple more weeks and so I hope to be able to give her something when she gets back - at least a whole bunch of decent references and maybe some kind of sketching of sections we might include in the writing. I have already spent a couple of days reviewing back issues of various journals and have found some interesting stuff - more for my own work than this chapter.

Found Nick Burbules' blog - but can't do any hyperlinks the blogger interface is not loading properly and I can't be bothered remembering how to do it in html (how lazy I have become).

Anyway, if I had my own domain I'd upload the chapter - but alas ...


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