Friday, May 04, 2007

Teacher fury at rating website, or ...

student's get some much needed payback?

Have those teachers who are complaining about websites such as ratemyteachers forgotten that they are in the business of passing partial, half-formed, and powerful ratings on their students?

This whole beat up is a good example of how many 'grown ups' just don't get (understand) how young people interact with each other and new media.

Robert Marley sang, 'Slave driver the tables have turned ... catch-a-fire you're gonna get burned'

Bring on ratemypolitician

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At 7:44 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Average rating of 4.1 (pulled down by uniform scores of 1 for ‘easiness’), I’m cleaning up and loving it! Must say that I don’t recognise myself in comments such as those below (I'm a big, cuddly bear really), but I appreciate their ‘firm but fair’ tone. Seems my students have really internalised the discourses of schooling and assessment:

‘Sometimes terrifying and always an unfairly harsh marker, but excellent at explaining things, always focused and precise, and really knowledgeable.’

‘agreed to former rating- his marking is sometimes a little harsh. He’s intimidating yet very intelligent and I respect his knowledge and willingness to teach.’

Where’s my merit pay, Ms Bishop. I want it now!

Seriously, this site doesn’t seem so threatening to me. If you browse the entries, a typical pattern seems to be that a negative judgement (and, yes, some of our young people don’t mince their words) is typically balanced by a more positive comment. The rule for teachers seems to be that for every student who doesn’t rate us, there’s another who does.


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