Saturday, April 29, 2006

London calling ...

It's been much harder keeping up online activities while travelling than I originally thought. Despite the rhetorica about growing wifi access in airports and the like, I've not had much luck. This includes those networks I've tried to hack and piggy back on. I've tried to avoid internet cafe type stuff just cause I've wanted to try and so things on the cheap or be a little more inventive.

So I've just spent two fantastic, glorious weeks in central Italy (Prato, Firenze/Florence and Roma) and yesterday E and I flew into the mess that is London's Heathrow. We grabbed a car and then drove to Luton aeroporto on London's outskirts to pick up Kent and Liz (my brother and sister-in-law). We then drove up to the Wirrel penninsula/Chester area, near Liverpool, to see some family. It's really beautiful here - looking arcoss the esturary to Nothern Wales just makes me want to stay here. 250 miles took 6 hours! UK roads are dodgy but fun (people drive so much faster here!)

Anyway, we'll stay here for a few days and then head further north. E's dad's family are from Scotland (around Stirling) so we'll spend a day in the area and then drive back to London through East Anglia/Suffolk. I'm meeting with Kate Pahl and Carey Jewitt next Wednesday. I need to do some writing before then so I have something semi-intelligent to talk about.

Pictures later. More on Italy later too.


At 11:31 am, Blogger nb said...

Good to hear you're having a fantastic time- we were all wondering how it was going! Hope the conference was fabulous- looking forward to seeing the pics!

At 1:00 pm, Blogger Nat said...

Ah, so that's where you've been. Have a great time. I'm totally jealous.

At 8:55 am, Blogger Keith P. Stieneke said...

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