Tuesday, September 27, 2005

The 'blindingly obvious' way to revive our schools?

It seems that this guy has it all worked out.

This is so blindingly obvious - improving children's performance in schools is a question of how well teachers teach in their classroom. The task of everyone else in a school system - school principals, local administrators, teacher trainers, government and other stakeholders - is to align everything they do to ensure that each teacher walks into each lesson with the skills, knowledge, equipment and motivation to teach a great lesson - and find in their classroom pupils who are ready to learn.
It's that easy.

The combination of fresh supply with sharp accountability could end the historic weakness of the English education system, namely the long-term tolerance of poor performance, especially in areas of high poverty.
Damn those poor bastards! They never pull there weight!

Mmm, 'sharp' accountability?



At 1:01 pm, Blogger phd me said...

Has the writer actually been in a classroom? Does he/she have any idea the learning process entails? Yes, the ability of the teacher makes a huge impact on student learning, as the research shows. However! there is more to educating a child than the teacher's "knowledge, equipment and motivation."

And what the heck is "sharp accountability?" Are we now advocating the use of pointy sticks on low SES students to raise test scores?


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