Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Parents to get jargon-free reports

Jargon-free reports?

Well, another storm is brewing. You can set your watch to these. I'm trying not to get to worked up about these things anymore ... but it is difficult to remain seated when you read this kind of drivel.

Seems that some like to forget that teachers are (generally) parents too! How interesting that these labels become synonymous with distinct categories; us and them, me and you, moderate and radical, when in reality they are composed of the same people. It makes for great rhetoric, but very weak argument or sense.

Jargon is just another unfamiliar discourse, used because it helps communicative practicses and meaning making in particular fields of knowledge. To moan about the use of jargon, or to suggest that it is silly or 'academic' or an attempt to lock particular people out of a discipline, is to totally not understand the power of importance of language in framing and creating the world.

A student report without jargon?

How about a newspaper without the rhetoric and slick persuasive techniques?



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