Thursday, August 04, 2005

Hi-tech gizmos to lead growth?

It's been a long time. Plenty of stuff going on. Perhaps people blog more when things are quiet? Here's an interesting article about some predictions (from PWC) over the next five years in regards to media growth and consumer spending. It seems that some believe (I'm not sure on what basis) that products such as 'online gaming', wireless stuff, 'digital and online music', 'ringtones', and 'video on demand and online rental subscriptions' will be the big hits of the near future.

Of course there it is also the usual argument about the proliferation of 'amateur content' in blogs, podcasts and filmmaking.

In other news, Nat has been good enough to post most of the ink spilled over the lastest kerfuffle vis-a-vis critical literacy, teaching and postmodernism that has had a run in the Murdoch papers (most notably The Australian).

Maybe Ruppie is a little unhappy with Lockie finally standing up to daddy and deciding to live his own life? Maybe he blames all those bad teachers at all those top-notch schools he sent his son too? All that critical literacy teaching?



At 12:15 am, Blogger nb said...

I'm finding that I'm actually blogging more when I'm busier. Odd. In denial, probably.


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