Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Aust study uses mobiles to monitor teen angst

This is very interesting. Young people who seem to resist seeing a psychologist for depression are being 'monitored' with mobile phones. It's not really a surveillance issue as I first though and more of an example where adults have realised the potential of a social practice (teenage mobile phone use) for helping find out more about young peoples' depression.

So rather than filling out diaries and logs of their feelings, young people respond to a couple of txts that ask them questions about how they are etc.

While there are many reasons for not wanting to go to the psych this seems like a novel way of getting around the issue.

I just want to know who gets the revenue from all the txts?



At 5:27 pm, Blogger M said...

Thanks for your positive comments Scott at my blog. Your not the only one questioning our motives re: new office...big fire. Politics article in process. I keep starting again because at first I was too negative and then I just wasn't being honest. So W.I.P.
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