Friday, January 28, 2005

Big net attack tipped in next 10 years

Mmm, well for most of us the boundries of work and leisure were blurred long ago. I feel this acutely everyday as I'm sure many people do - I mean most of the people I work with are so far gone in this way that there is almost no distinction. I'm not sure whether this is a good or bad thing - it certainly has important implictions for work conditions and job satisfaction and relationships ('work', 'family'), as these categories tend to break down when life is blurred in this way.Big net attack tipped in next 10 years


Standing ovation

Now this is very interesting, what a fantastic idea. Any feedback from you women folk? What say ye? Standing ovation


Online to the future

The good old 'age' newspaper - an institution alright! Online to the future


Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Text tendinitis

Ha, 'thumb tribe' member is out of action for a least a day! Text tendinitis. What a shame that her phone company wont be making any money off her for a little while.

(100 txts a day @ 20-25c per text = ~$25) I hope she's getting value for txt!


Australia Day: a day but not a date to celebrate

Some interesting writing here about 'Australia' and, of course, some poignant thoughts for today, 'Australia Day' Australia Day: a day but not a date to celebrate

There has been renewed interest on issues of 'reconciliation' lately. With Michael Long's walk (halfway) to Canberra and John Howard's committment to something better for Indigenous peoples (hopeful), ATSIC being canned (ambivalent but probably bad), the Palm Island tensions (bad), and a number of other events, perhaps things are back on the minor agenda - they'll always be minor of course - ancillary to the big ticket items, economy, freeways, petrol and house prices, women-babies-work, the usual political party stouches and leadership issues etc.

It's generally a case of being and issue that is too hard to deal with. Let's hope then that John Howard, being motivated as I'm sure he is by the prospect of living on in Australia's political and historical memory, faces up to some of these 'social' issues in his new term of government.

So Happy Australia Day, or Invasion Day, where- and who- ever you are.


Monday, January 24, 2005

The dreaded return to school

Ahhh, the joys of beginning a new year at school. Very exciting stuff, and of course I don't get to go this year! I'm feeling left out and a little lonely! I'm gonna miss this beginning ... The dreaded return to school - Opinion -


Online music at last turns a dollar

Greed is ugly - on both sides of the 'coin'. Not that there is much talk of greed in this article, it's just that this kind of thing gets me thinking about all the more important issues we could be putting our heads together on - Online music at last turns a dollar


Joining forces

Film and gaming have been making an interesting convergence for a long time now, good to see it recognised though - Joining forces.


Thursday, January 20, 2005

The politicisation of Australian compassion

It is always heartening to see some worthwhile and thoughtful commentary in newspapers these days. We need more analysis that looks a little deeper and further than the obvious, easy answers - check out The politicisation of Australian compassion


Friday, January 14, 2005

Ali G in da (dog) house

'Hoaxing the folks' seems a little easy in Virginia these days. Some people need to just relax a little more and put their Smith and Weson's away. Ali G in da (dog) house.

I realise 'BlogThis' this is a fairly slack way of making sure I post regularly, but hey ...


Thursday, January 13, 2005

How citizen reporters get the news out first

Yep, it takes these guys a while to catch up, aye!How citizen reporters get the news out first


Addicted to the net or just beat up journalism?

I'm not sure how to take this piece of emotive and beat up journalism - Addicted to the net. Amazingly simplistic and narrow to me - some of the descriptions of this poor young addict are laughable.


Friday, January 07, 2005

so it begins

I managed to continue with the chapter today, but not very far. I have written bits and pieces over the last couple of months and need to pull it all together and push it further again. Sometimes it's just cracking the beginning that is the difficult thing; framing things in an interesting way and not producing another boring piece of dry academic writing - sometimes I think I have some idea of how to do this and others I sit in despair, agonising and wrestling with words that won't seem to do what I want them to do; ah, the writing process!

Austen seems a little unsettled of late and I wonder if he's changing from his calm, happy and serene first two months to a ranging bull of stomach pain and tortured faces.

Have been using blogbridge, an rss feed reader and it seems OK.

Also read some interesting stuff about google today at googlewatch ... might take off my google toolbar now ... these folks have a google search engine that avoids all the advertising crap and claims to be unscreened or something; I didn't read the whole thing; called Scroogle Scraper. Interesting stuff.

Thursday, January 06, 2005

lost in my space

First I must say that there is nothing I feel like saying that can really do justice to anything after the events of the past week or so. Something like this tends to put everything in perspective - everything.

But the world seems to lumber on regardless - that makes me mad and sad, but at the same time I can understand.

It is an odd time of year for me; usually I would be right in the thick of preparing to return to school (in about 3 weeks!) but now that I've decided to take up the PhD, I feel adrift. I have been spending everyday with Emma and Austen (I'm sure they are getting tired of me), reading whatever I want (just finished On the Road Kerouac and am now part way throught the very interesting The Leopard Lampedusa) when usually I would be reading and preparing novels for school (not that I don't like teen fiction or texts that I would teach at school; I teach them 'CAUSE I like em), painting the dining room, driving all over Victoria visiting friends, eating too much, etc., oh and watching plenty of anime.

I have plenty to do, including a book chapter to write and PhD reading to get into, but it's proving hard to get down and do it.

Tomorrow I need to meet with my (ex)principal to go through the details of my resignation (I've never resigned before) and see if he's going to make me pay back my holiday pay; I'm sure that I'll be parting with my laptop too!

That's all.