Thursday, June 07, 2007

Responses to Turner - Collins and Donnelly

Some responses to Graeme Turner's piece in The Australian last week ("Another way of looking at it", HES, May 30).

One from Dr Donnelly, Learn from our mistakes, which is actually quite measured compared to his usual huff and puff. He doesn't miss the opportunity for some self-promotion though:
"ALTHOUGH I am not mentioned by name, it is obvious that Graeme Turner's reference ("Another way of looking at it", HES, May 30) to "members of the commentariat" ... points to critics such as me"

Indeed, some of the critical comments he cites that blame the parlous state of English teaching on the influence of critical literacy and postmodern theory are mine.

As I have argued for many years.

Garry Collins' piece A matter of balance makes an important contribution to the debate where he argues for the idea of balance. Go Gazza.

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