Thursday, September 08, 2005

State ban on schools for profit? (well for the moment)

Oh my, this is an interesting development. For-profit schools. The Centre for Independent Studies (conservative 'think tank'), has released a paper written by 'educator' Ross Farrelly arguing the case in favour of 'for-profit-schools'.

In some weird twisted way this wouldn't be far from what we have now. Social dis/advantage exists on a massive scale anyway. But it's presently easier to hide or explain away by governments.

Absolutely classic arguments though. Get a load of this:
He [Ross Farrelly] argues that schools that operate for profit, and the resulting competition in the education marketplace, will deliver benefits that cannot be achieved by centralised government control.

"Schools of excellence will flourish and expand, enabling access to successful education for more families," he writes.

"Research and development into practical, effective teacher training will be encouraged. Efficiency will be promoted, bureaucracy minimised and parents will see a greater return for their education dollar."

Mr Farrelly says much of the antagonism against for-profit schools comes from "vested interests under threat and fear of the unknown", rather than serious consideration of the welfare of students.

He argues for leadership from policymakers to start welcoming what he calls "edupreneurs".

'Not a day goes by, when darling I, don't think of you ... ' Wasn't that Rick Astley or someone?



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