Sunday, August 28, 2005

Who is the real donkey, Dr Nelson?

So yet again, it's been a busy week for Dr Nelson and schools. Report cards, values, funding ... phew!

Thank goodness someone in newspaper land has been watching. I feel like emailing Alan Attwood just to say 'thanks'. It seems that a little bit of digging around (in this case just reading Clayton's best selling book Gallipoli) is enough to send Dr Nelson back to school himself - lowest quartile!

The country is indeed run by C+ students (who just happened to be fortunate enough to have gone to a private or independent school with some clout).

I'm almost excited to see what happens this week.

I have a couple of school visits to make, which I'm really looking forward to (I only hope those I'm visiting will not feel too let down at having little old me turn up!) and an advocacy group meeting (VATE) which I hope is worthwhile.

Anyway ... enjoy what you do.



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