Friday, January 07, 2005

so it begins

I managed to continue with the chapter today, but not very far. I have written bits and pieces over the last couple of months and need to pull it all together and push it further again. Sometimes it's just cracking the beginning that is the difficult thing; framing things in an interesting way and not producing another boring piece of dry academic writing - sometimes I think I have some idea of how to do this and others I sit in despair, agonising and wrestling with words that won't seem to do what I want them to do; ah, the writing process!

Austen seems a little unsettled of late and I wonder if he's changing from his calm, happy and serene first two months to a ranging bull of stomach pain and tortured faces.

Have been using blogbridge, an rss feed reader and it seems OK.

Also read some interesting stuff about google today at googlewatch ... might take off my google toolbar now ... these folks have a google search engine that avoids all the advertising crap and claims to be unscreened or something; I didn't read the whole thing; called Scroogle Scraper. Interesting stuff.


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