Thursday, January 06, 2005

lost in my space

First I must say that there is nothing I feel like saying that can really do justice to anything after the events of the past week or so. Something like this tends to put everything in perspective - everything.

But the world seems to lumber on regardless - that makes me mad and sad, but at the same time I can understand.

It is an odd time of year for me; usually I would be right in the thick of preparing to return to school (in about 3 weeks!) but now that I've decided to take up the PhD, I feel adrift. I have been spending everyday with Emma and Austen (I'm sure they are getting tired of me), reading whatever I want (just finished On the Road Kerouac and am now part way throught the very interesting The Leopard Lampedusa) when usually I would be reading and preparing novels for school (not that I don't like teen fiction or texts that I would teach at school; I teach them 'CAUSE I like em), painting the dining room, driving all over Victoria visiting friends, eating too much, etc., oh and watching plenty of anime.

I have plenty to do, including a book chapter to write and PhD reading to get into, but it's proving hard to get down and do it.

Tomorrow I need to meet with my (ex)principal to go through the details of my resignation (I've never resigned before) and see if he's going to make me pay back my holiday pay; I'm sure that I'll be parting with my laptop too!

That's all.


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