Friday, December 31, 2004

now that i'm resigned to the next three years

I have been doing a little looking around and have found some interesting stuff - of course I may have stubbled across some obvious stuff here - there is always that feeling when one blogs something of interest - that 'everyone' (whoever this is ... ) already knows about everything I'm writing or pointing out. But i don't really care - take it as you will.

Somehow connected to (sponsored by) Eastgate (perveyors of fine hypertext - for a price of course) is this interesting 'journal' on new media and software aesthetics, Tekka ( There seems to be some well written, interesting articles and reviews - as well as hypertexts, 'tool' reviews etc. Have a look at the book reviews by the fine Jill Walker, (Nick Montfort. Twisty Little Passages: An Approach to Interactive Fiction. MIT Press, 2003), and others, (David Thorburn and Henry Jenkins, eds. Rethinking Media: The Aesthetics of Transition. MIT Press, 2003), (Brenda Laurel. Design Research: Methods and Perspectives. MIT Press, 2004). All very interesting.

Of course you have to register (US$50) to get the full thing, but hey ... perhaps later.

Also found fray which seems to have some great writing.


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