Saturday, September 04, 2004

portfolio project update

My research partner and I conducted another couple interviews this week. Both quite different in their make up and dynamics. One group commprised graduates from the same university and education faculty, and the other drawn from the same school. Some excellent discussion and conversation.

My part in the interviews now takes a break till next term. In one way I am going to miss the opportunity to experience different school environments, chat with B, and talk with such professional and intelligent people, but in another, I'm also aware that I need to get caught up at school - I am way behind in my marking, and the Y12s should be vamping up for their final exam in about 7 weeks time. My poor Y7s and Y8s haven't had much of my attention this term, and I need to redress this imbalance.

I need to also take some time to write about these interviews in a more analytical and close way, before they are all lost to memory.


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