Sunday, September 12, 2004

the kids are going feral

Everyone looks forward to the end of the term; teachers, students, parents, spouses, cleaners, bus drivers, school support staff, the huge malls and shopping complexes - everyone.

Apart from the fact that my eyes are almost glued together with sleep, grime and tears (frustration of course!), the kids are beginning to get tired and feral as well. It doesn't help when we (the staff - or the English staff anyway) are getting tired of some of the rot that goes on around the traps. It's been another tough week but we are pulling together - and have done all year. A united front (thanks, Bush you wanker) against the insurgency or selfishness and arrogance that seems always threatening to bubble over - and regularly does in some senior students. We have had a couple of classic experiences this week (KB had some rippers!) but I'm not sure if I really want to sit here and relive (or recreate) them again. Sorry! Perhaps in the 'school break' next week.

There have also been some excellent conversations with those seniors who really want to do well and are conscientious enough to seek help outside of class time. KB and I have been able to really spend some quality time with these students. For the most part they are bright, courteous and thankful. To be completely fair and honest (I am all the time anyway, not sure why I say that ... ) the majority of students or at least a large number are like this - but the squeaky wheels - or the friggin arrogant, manipulative, users - are the ones who take up 80% of you time and thought space. I guess that in the end this is my problem - well, especially if I'm giving these issues that much time and headspace, who do I have to thank?

Spent all Saturday marking Y12 writing - some of it quite good - but nothing that really stands out - although one student did attempt a recreation of 'The Battle of Agincourt' - in a kind of 'Killer Angels' style. Not bad. The Y12s have just completed their last text response essay and so I'll see If I can get it all marked this week ...


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