Saturday, August 21, 2004

using blogging in the classroom - articles

Some stuff that I've been sitting on ... via the First Monday ejournal. I realise there is plenty out there on these topics - far too much to ever valuably use or read.

The Educated Blogger

Spinning Yarns around the digital fire


Well, I am always interested in good writing about 'blogging in the classroom' or anything remotely associated with this idea - but this semester I have not had the opportunity to 'invite' students to blog. Despite this I have written an outline for a subject aimed at Y9 + 10 students called 'Digital Literacies and the futures of communications' which will be offered next year sometime. I realise the name is a tad overblown, but it was more tongue-in-cheek that anything else as I wanted something that would grab the attention of non-bloggers and non-technology users (most teachers at my school - unless using technology means checking your email once a month). In fact I want students to interrogate the idea of 'digital literacies' and the extent to which we might be living in a significantly different communications 'age'. Anyway, I guess I'm constantly on the lookout for resources and news articles I could perhaps use as discussion stimuli which this class (if it ever in fact runs).

Cyberdash has an interesting 'article' called Moving to the Public: Weblogs in the Writing Classroom


At 3:14 pm, Blogger Mr J said...

Hi Scott, found your comments interesting and made me wonder if you were part of the many Aussie teachers who are in Christchurch New Zealand at the Navcon 2K4 conference on learning and ict.
Would be interested in chatting with you further as to the use of blogging with students and how to have an authentic context to the blog.

Hope the teaching keeps you smiling


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