Thursday, August 12, 2004

the rush begins

The Y12 (Seniors) have about 35 days of school left (and then their exam period), and the rush is on. Those who have refused my offers of outside of class help are now fighting each other off for my attention. It invariable happens - the day of reckoning comes despite all our efforts at putting it to the back of our minds. Those who have studied the art of procrastination are now contemplating life after high school without a decent qualification (not to mention the learning that should, and that occasionally does go along with any higher school certificate!) I have toyed with the idea of recording my earlier comments about the value of a regular work ethic, and then playing these back when one of these students knocks on the staffroom door - I've yet to actually do this, instead I find myself totally talked out by the end of the day. This afternoon I dozed off at my desk (everyone had left for the day and I was daydreaming). I felt a little put out about all this and was reflecting on the strange fact that I drive to work each morning (I realise I should be riding) feeling the infinite possibilities the day has to offer, and then by 3pm I am all hoped out - my head is aching and my throat is hoarse (obviously, I talk to much - or I'm yelling ... )

On top of this my Y7s are in a complete MESS. Now that I share them, it feels as though I see them once maybe twice a week. ABo has had a student teacher too - so the three of us have managed to confuse the crap out of the kids who now have little idea of where they are and what is going on. I'll have to speak to Abo and get this sorted out.


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