Sunday, August 08, 2004

research moves ahead

I have been meeting with my research partner more reguarly to nut out these interviews we are running for the Portfolio project. I am excited and anxious about all this as our first session is scheduled for Tuesday. We should be ready, but I will need to leave school early this day to make it in time! Next school is Friday, so I'm expecting a busy week. B wants us to spend time after the interviews typing up our own reflections and comments, which will be interesting to compare with the data/transcripts.

All this talk about the VIT registration process has brought my own registration issues to the front of my mind. I need to take care of this ASAP - but I really don't know when. I cannot even remember what it is I'm supposed to do.

I'm hoping that these interviews will lead to some rich discussions and perhaps some opportunities for collaboration and dialogue outside of the project. In fact I've toyed with the idea of using blogging to enable those interested in doing so the opportunity to continue the conversations. I'm not sure how this would operate, but it may be work some thought.

Oh, and Debbie has just let me now that I am now a member of VATE Council. I wonder what I have gotten myself into ... ?


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