Thursday, August 19, 2004

repeat offender

Continuing from where I left off ...

The attitude of this young man and others like him is very frustrating. Today he gave me some other work he wanted looked at and I again said that I would try to get to it before the end of the day (I really need to stop saying this - "perhaps by tomorrow" would be a better sanity saver?) So sure enough, during periods 5 & 6 as I was collecting some materials for my last class of the day, our man appears at the doorway and, walzing into the office (uninvited, of course), begins to ask questions and basically expects me to drop everything else I am doing and attend to his every need. I am late as it is for my next class and am feeling tired and really over dealing with this student. I mention to him that I am busy at present and that I have another class to teach. He reaction suggests that he does not understand what I am talking about and has not listened to anything I have said. I begin to show my frustration.

I get angry and tell him that I am tired of his rubbish and that I think he is disrespectful and arrogant. He asks me, "Why are you all nice sometimes and then you change all of a sudden?", and "Why do teachers do that? Why are they nice to you and then they change and get all cut?" I think to myself, GOOD FRIGGIN QUESTION, YOU, YOU ... ACADEMIC!

As I think of it now, I smirk and chuckle to myself.

And for that I'm glad.

The problem is that on some level I kind of like this student. But at the same time I want to hit him over the head and say, "We don't need any more people like you in the world, any more stupid white men!"

He will finish school in a couple of weeks and eventually go on to make a lot of money and be influential in business (or something else meaningful and socially, politically, culturally or historically significant).

Well if George Bush can be elected President of the strangest nation in the world, ANYTHING is possible ...


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