Saturday, May 22, 2004

a long week in edublog land ...

A lot going on as always, but not much time to write about it, but you make your decisions and you run with 'em.

Jeremy Hiebert had some nice things to say on his blog about blogaboutblogs. He mentions Kieran's blog - I'll need to tell Kieran he's been linked - I wonder how he'll take it!?

Blogaboutblogs has been on my mind lately for a number of reasons. First is I feel like I'm running out of gas. I'm not sure where I should be taking this thing and where the kids would be interested in going. The knife edge of tension that I've had to walk to even do something like this is feeling sharper these days as report writing time speeds inevitably closer. I share this class with another teacher - she does regular stuff with them and I 'do blogging'. We decided early on that the blog would form part of the students' writing mark for the semester, but I didn't really give it much thought after than. Some of the blogs are fairly shabby (sorry guys, I'f you're reading this!) but they are not want I had in mind before beginning. Some are quite good and certainly are showing some justification for continuing (with the course I mean), but in terms of getting the volume and quality going I really need to rethink my approach. Many of the students are not self-sufficient yet - i.e. they are not posting regularly without my insistence. Of course, I would prefer them to take this on and make more of an effort when I'm not prodding them in the ribs.

I should also welcome HN (thoughts) to the blogosphere! Your voice is a valuable addition to the dialectic ... the community grows! Next ARo will be posting up a storm. I'm hoping that we can engage in some decent professional conversations and show those silly PD meetings what professional learning is really about!


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