Sunday, May 16, 2004

formal or informal?

Friday night brought the Y12 formal/ball. The kids ask staff to come along and then later probably wish we didn't (some of the staff too!) For my part, I actually enjoyed myself. E stayed home (heavily pregnant!) and watched Mary Donaldson become a Danish Princess.

Despite the event being held at a fairly kitschy establishment way down in the burbs, the kids seemed to enjoy themselves - staff too. Most of the English faculty turned up in support of the students(or for collegiate support?) and so we had a rare chance to chat and talk - some of the conversation was even NORMAL - as in NOT work related! Probably only time this year.

Throughout the evening, I was struck a number of times about the huge potential these young adults have - that they're about to launch themselves in the 'big blue', to hack a place out of the wilderness for themselves, to pursue all number of interesting things. Perhaps I was reflecting on my own future? or perhaps longing for the past?

In anycase, it's always refresing to mix with interesting young people in casual (more or less) settings. Most of them scrub up very well.

On a darker note I am reminded of what can happen when young men combine alcohol, drugs and sexual frustration. Let's just day that there were a couple of interesting tensions throughout the night.

Lovely weekend. Did no work.


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