Thursday, May 13, 2004

creating space to breathe

I took the day off yesterday.

It was difficult to arrive at this decision. E has been pushing me all the way and I finally broke last week. I told her I would take Wednesday off and she has been riding me the whole way.

At first I felt a little dodgy - then I began telling people - just the English faculty - maybe in an effort to gauge the level of popular support for my truancy?

It was made slightly easier by the fact that 'open night' was the night before.

So I took E to the train station then came home and read for a FEW HOURS! Can you believe it. I certainly couldn't at first, and it seemed as though the body was a little confused and tired from all the activity. I promptly fell asleep on our dodgy couch and slept till early afternoon. Ahh, I need to do this more often.

KB and I caught up in the afternoon (after I had showered! I felt so lazy and so good at the same time!!) for a chat and a browse through the bookstore. And I whiled away the afternoon just thinking about some interesting ideas for my kids.

The space to think was sorely needed. I think people around me have noticed some stress developing (they're wrong of course, I'm fine!) The perspective that a little space and time away offers is priceless and enriching.

Heard some interesting stuff on the radio (RRR) about the nextwave festival coming up in Melbourne. They had someone on talking about MICROFICTION. I have used a similar thing with younger students - 100 or 55 word stories, but this stuff is supposed to be under 25. CUT THAT FLAB! Does anyone know any more about this stuff?

Anyway, time well spent, even thought I didn't really make a dent in my marking pile, I'm feeling better about doing it (kind of). Ah, and it's only 10.30 - a couple of hours good marking remaining!


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