Saturday, May 22, 2004

a bunch of different stuff

Jeremy Hiebert digs up another interesting piece on eportfolios
EDUCAUSE Quarterly | Volume 27, Number 2, 2004

This nextwave festival seems to get better everyday ... this guy is in town talking about blogging and iraq and related stuff.

Internet sensation to go back to his day job - World -

I guess blogging is fast becoming the new orthodoxy ...
Spreading the word to the world - TheEdge -

Looks like Ilana is on the hard sell again, in the education age this week, Teachers Critical Of Online Learning. All in aide of a new book with Catherine Beavis. I wonder if she has any complimentary copies this time? Does sound very interesting though.

Found an interesting site at the uni of qld that may come in handy for my presentation in June. It's a suject page that talks about blogs in the course MSTU2000 - Guide to the Weblog Task


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