Monday, April 26, 2004

permission to breakdown ...

Today was pretty rough. Sometimes things hit hard and we're unaware. I mean I have been feeling some stain, but how I attribute it is another matter. I'm not eating right (although when I do it's always healthy!), I don't exercise (well other than walking around all day - and I hear stressing is a kind of working out too!), I'm not keeping up with the workload. Lot's of stuff like that. Oh, there are things that I do very well too.

This whole cheating issue is still bothing me but seems to be coming to a close (famous last words?). We have scheduled a repeat piece of work and it should be done by Wednesday. I tried talking to this young fellow about the issue today and he was much calmer, although he is still threatening to so something to those who began the accusations. I would love to put this thing to rest.

I would love to rest.

Graham has written an excellent piece for IDIOM, re: Post IFTE and all those issues. I'm not sure where a piece by me might conceivably fit into all this - I have many of the same concerns but I have no way near the expertise, experience and eloquence. blah, blah. I would like to write something, but I just can't seem to find the headspace and time. I know all the arguments about finding vs. making time, but it is VERY difficult. blah, blah. I wonder if I sound as sad as I think I do. Sorry. Just one of those days.


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