Tuesday, April 06, 2004

a new article

I meet with Brenton yesterday to discuss ideas for a new article in followup to my thesis and all the other stuff that has been going on - IFTE, PIC, VATE review day etc. We threw somw ideas around and also thought about what publication we should aim for - we've decided on English In Australia.

In terms of the article the initial idea is to look at the different modes and examples of professional learning that are available to early career teachers. This doesn't mean that I will ignore middle and later career teachers - as obviously these have had an important part to play in any professional learning I've experenced. The idea being to contrast and compare such things as the STELLA project and it's teacher centred, collaborative and narrative approach, with such things as the VIT standards for full registration of beginning teachers, where there is an emphasis on individual learning and progression.

My thesis has much to say about the value of a 'collaborative and dialogic' approach where teachers can construct knowledge together as professionals as they critically reflect on their work and plan for the future. There is so much research in this area - in terms of the benefits of collaoration and of viewing teachers as professionals who can do this kind of intellectual work, who do not need it done to them.

This term at Highvale has been an excellent example of this kind of collaborative, critical work. KB and I have (whether or not she would agree) managed to create a kind of dialogic space wherein we have began to look at the faculty and the hows and whys of our work. There continues to be challenges and outside stimulus, but rather than making our relationship or conversations more difficult it has made them more urgent and important.

The interesting thing is that I no longer engage in these kinds of conversations with another colleague. Things change and develop and this is usually always a good thing.

Anyway, I shall have a go at putting some thoughts together this week.

If anyone has any ideas or thoughts on these issues, please let me know. In fact I would be very interested in writing a co-authored piece ...


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