Monday, April 19, 2004

first day back

O.K. so maybe over the 'holidays' (from now on I will refer to holidays as 'downtime') we expect that students will change and come back from the break all ready to work and excited and keen and wonderful ... so today was kind of depressing. not majorly but in a small way. This afternoon, my Y12s kind of got to me - some of them anyway - esp this one young fellow who is generally funny and easy going and all that - he just wouldn't let up - keep at it the whole time. Eventually I'd had enough and I asked him to take a couple of minutes outside the room. Now this young guy (his brother is also in the class!) is kind of a macho-tough-arrogant-endearing kind of person, so it can be hard to tell him how it is and to 'pull his head in'. We'll see how he is tomorrow.

Despite this, it is great to be back with the English faculty and with committed colleagues. Great to be back and discussing this really difficult job.

I was excited to hear that KB has started a blog and is becoming interested in their potential for a 'tool' in teaching literacy. Finally I am heard!

soooo much toooo doooo


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