Wednesday, April 28, 2004

did i win?

Our young man in question repeated his paper today. I put him in a room (a kind of fishbowl of a room, surrounded by teacher offices), gave him a couple of sheets of paper and set him at it. In the end he went relatively quietly. They generally do. But not before ... (ah you knew there was a but coming didn't you ...) he tries to drag a few others with him. Frustrated at being 'victimised' he begins to 'name, names' - something he said he would never do - in relation to other incidents of cheating in these SAC things. VCE guy was there too and was accused of having this untoward behaviour occurring in his own classes (needless to say this cheered me up no end!) So now I might be listened too! I raised this as a possibility a couple of days ago - that cheating might be a larger problem that just English (or just me!), but this was played down (!), but when Mr cheat himself cries foul, VCE guy's ears prick and he's listening now. In fact he says it might even be worth mentioning at a VCE teachers' meeting! Crazy idea if you ask me ...

I'm presenting at this VATE Beginning Teachers' Conference and need some quality prep time! Ahhh, perhaps I have a presentation right here!

VET/Careers girl (Vocational Education and Training) is really annnoying me at present. We have a deadline next Monday for enrollement data and funding etc. I gave her a copy of some information (nicely copied and stapled and highlighted and annotated) about a month and a half ago, and the other day she tells me, 'it might be easier if you can make another copy for me .... ' Easier for whom?, you slacker! (I feel nasty saying this, but hey ... ). So when I had stern words for her today, she had the gumption to tell me that I was getting uptight because I wasn't organised or something (that was the gist anyway).



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