Monday, March 29, 2004

last week of term - the rush is on

As first term winds up (or is that down?) things seems to get very busy. The marking seems to pile up and their seems to be less time than ever. Teachers are stressed and tired, students should be stressed and tired, and most people walk around in a semi-dazed state of mind.

I have been attempting to finish Y12 oral presentations this week; the original plan was to finish these last week! As always, 'things' get in the way and time just seems to run through that hourglass like water. The kids have prepared some fantastic stuff and I have been very impressed. Despite this we are having some problems getting each of them to each oral session. I should have been better organised (I mean I feel like I've done well, but I'm sure there is something I could have done differently!)

Parent-teacher interviews are being held on Wednesday afternoon and evening and it looks like being a total wipeout. I have scheduled too many interviews trying to accomodate everyone who wants an interview so that in the end they'll all have about 2min!

E and I went up to Benalla on the weekend - just had to get away - Clive had invited us anyway. So as per usual we both took copious amounts of work and didn't do a thing. It was great. Hanging out with the little boys - Clive and Shari have three little boys aged b/w 5 and 2. We spent some time in Wangaratta and also took a drive out to Mt Buller.

E seems to do doing well with the pregnancy - maybe I haven't mentioned it. We are pregnant (about 2 months) and excited about being parents - although I must say I am a little anxious, nervous and scared.

Anyway, I am still not spending much time in the VCE area and continue to feel very guilty about it - well sort of - guilty b/c I know TLL and CWO are cut as snakes, but still they avoid talking about it too me - in fact they avoid talking to me much at all. I'm beginning to care less and less, but it is still a source of pressure that I could happily live without.


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