Monday, February 02, 2004

working for the weekend?

This back to school thing sort of has me swamped. I just need a couple of hours to get my head around a couple of things and I might feel a little more comfortable with life. Of course this is the refrain of every classroom teacher and it is an impossible dream.

Despite this, things are coming along nicely and all classes are responding well.

I got to school this morning and was ready to begin Stolen with my y12s but Karen had had a flash of brilliance and had devised a scenario task as an intro to issues such as Aboriginal dispossession etc. Worked really well and has set the scene better than I could have anticipated.

In y11 a young lass won $1000 from Nova Radio station. I was disciplining some latecomers and she had answered her phone when my attention was diverted (silent ringing!). When I asked her to put it away she mentioned that she was on Nova and was being asked a 'scenario' question worth 1K. Within seconds the whole class was focused on the conversation. Needless to say that after all the screaming and carrying on, 'Maestro' was not that appealing. Nevertheless we persevered.

VASS problems today too. I'm beginning to realise that this job is much bigger than I previously anticipated (perhaps I didn't anticipate very well?). Alex wanted some data and reports today and I was unable to get these as my laptop is a piece of rubbish. I'll have to wait till March/April for another - Jan says I need to justify my need for a ibook and that my media interest may do this. So I had Mario on the job this afternoon trying to figure out the problem. I think we may have some improvement.


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