Thursday, February 26, 2004

pasta, theatre and students

Tonight, D, K and I took some Y12s to a production of the play Stolen by playwright Jane Harrison (discussed below). We grabbed some pasta before the show and met the students nearby and walked them down to the Malthouse theatre (playbox). Warm, barmy evening, some great pasta, some good kids, an interesting and challenging play, good conversation - a great way to finish up a fairly crappy day.

I'm just feeling fairly run down and it's beginning to show. I spoke to KOD (student) today about a few issues (this little lady has plenty) and she remarked that I looked terrible and needed some sleep. When students begin noticing the bags under the eyes, it's probably time for a good sleep.

Being tired, I noticed myself getting annoyed at things more easily, being less patient and forgiving. Being less inclined to push certain things - for example, my Y12 class in the afternoon today were not really rowdy, but only a little unsettled, so rather than fight to get them quiet so we could begin the lesson I simply left the room as quietly as I could and went and sat down in the staffroom ... had a chat to HN and CJ and then went back in after a few minutes. This seemed to work. NS (student) came out looking for me, 'What's wrong, Mr Bulfin?' It's kind of funny I guess. I just hate getting heavy when they are mostly good natured kids and most want to do well. Same old conundrum. Of course while this class is happening, some other silly students from another class are playing around in the computer 'pod' and need to be spoken to. Arhh.

Not very soothing.

During Y11 earlier in the day, JL (troubled student) decides to mock a young chinese student who is on 'roll monitor' duty. I'm not having this today (or any day) and so I ask him to wait outside. Whlie I'm out there HN says I have a phone call. I decide to take it. Afterwards find JL standing up outside the room. I had asked him to sit down and he says 'I'm not a dog, I'm not goina sit'. Fine, whatever, so he gets shirty and walks off as I'm speaking to him. I decide not to hit him in the back of the head and that it's not worth it (and that I would be showing the same kind of disrespect that he has just shown). Class continues without JL.

I arrange a meeting with the YLC (year level co-ord) and we get over the issue and seem to have moved on, as JL was back in class after recess and we were speaking again.

Other than this, the day was fine. And like I've already said, the theatre tonight was excellent.


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