Thursday, January 29, 2004

Students Return

Well, students returned to school today and what a hive of activity it was. Most things ran smoothly, and my faith in my abilities has slowly begun to return - thank goodness. It's probably the long holidays - forgetting some aspects of the job - well perhaps not forgetting, but some things seem to dim or are put on the backburner.

So it was with pleasure that I began with my new year 11s. Seem like a nice bunch - at the moment - heaps of girls. I took in a frying pan and my old SIGG drink bottle for a free writing exercise - this seemed to work very well and provided just the right amount of 'oddness' that can differentiate a class from others (in students' minds anyway). A couple of kids read their stuff. We followed this up with a newspaper photo on OHT - of a young Russian soldier voting - and the kids had a go at 'reading' the image. We also did some impromtu speaking on some topics I managed to jot down a few minutes before (socks, grass, boys and men, pasta, nu-metal etc.) They seemed to understand the point or were at least willing to have a go. We finished by looking at a newspaper article about a successful y12 last year and the tips she gave for success at VCE. Perhaps well do a SWAT/goal thing tomorrow and then begin reading some of 'Maestro' in class.

Year 7s were interesting - quiet and shy and nervous. They all seem to have new shoes that are rubbing or that are not worn in yet. It was quite fun having this lot - they look so innocent and fresh faced. No problems with those that have been identified as 'special needs' yet - I'm sure we'll have plenty of time to get to all that. We wrote a letter and talked about an assignment (Kerry threw this at me earlier in the day - I was typing up an Allan Griffin type survey but didn't get finished - perhaps for my y8s next week?) Marilyn Watson was also in this class as an integration aide - and I'm sure she'll turn out to be a great help.

Yr12 after lunch was cut short by a meeting called by Tony. I planned to take them through the same stuff as the yr11s but we only made it through the writing and the reading.

So not a bad day. In fact during lunchtime I was on a high - I remembered why I love this job. Kids and great relationships.

One interesting story before I go. I have the Knights twins for English (Brad and Chris) - I don't know these boys at all other that what I've heard around. In the morning after homegroup, Brad wonders up and says in a half joking, half smart-arsy way,

'I have you for English. Are you Qualified?' I was on my toes and returned,

'Why don't you wait and let me know in a couple of weeks what you think?' This seemed to satisfy him. In class later that day, Chris has a go to - in front of the whole class -

'Have you every taught y12 English before?' This didn't surprise me either, so I told everybody that if they were unhappy in a couple of weeks to come and speak to me, that they were also free to make suggestions and comments etc. This seemed to be enough for them.

I think teaching this bunch will help be get tougher. I have KO'D back too, which I'm happy about (I think).


At 5:03 am, Blogger davidlim said...

What a horrible bunch we were!

I can't believe the Knights doubted your credibility.

I reckon it had everything to do with your fresh face and youthful demeanour.

We're used to the Chers, Bonos and Shirley Basseys of the teaching faculty taking senior year 12 students that when a newcomer a la Mika pops into the scene.

One instantly questions their experience without having checked the credentials.

Naturally, I'm making pop music references.


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